Enjoy food & friends at a
Thrive Life Party

What happens at a tasting?

We bring together food, friends, and fun! You'll get to sample tasty foods, see why Thrive is changing mealtime across the world, and relax with friends. It's your chance to see what Thrive is all about!

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Have a blast with good friends and good food. And you can keep the fun going by hosting your own tasting and earning free product!

See Thrive in action with a cooking demo, sample foods, and get cooking tips and product suggestions from someone who knows Thrive.

Get delicious, healthy meals on the table in less time. You'll also discover how the Delivery Service will free you from the grocery store!

What Makes THRIVE So Great?

THRIVE is Convenient

Stop wasting time:

  • Washing fruits & vegetables

  • Chopping, slicing, and dicing produce

  • Removing fruit rinds, seeds & pits

  • Thawing and browning meats

  • Breaking and separating eggs

  • Weekly trips to the grocery store

THRIVE is Healthy

Fresher than "Fresh":

While fresh foods start losing flavor and nutrients the moment they're picked, we preserve the natural taste and nutrition of our foods with the freeze drying process. This makes many freeze dried foods more nutritious than their grocery store counterparts.

THRIVE is Efficient

Stop wasting money:

  • No rotten food to throw out

  • Use only what you need

  • Pay for only the edible parts of foods

  • Long shelf life means no waste

THRIVE is Tasty

"The taste is just beyond compare. My kids ask for THRIVE instead of their normal snacks—it's a treat to them!"

Kristi Roldan, Roseville CA

I couldn't cook anything that tasted good before. With THRIVE every meal is amazing!"

Jennifer Jessup, Logan UT

THRIVE is Quality

Most THRIVE foods are:

  • Non-GMO

  • No MSG

  • No hydrogenated oils

  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

  • Locally sourced when possible

THRIVE is Lasting

Most THRIVE foods last up to 25 years on the shelf, so unlike with fresh, you can keep as much as you want on hand. No matter what sounds good for dinner, you'll have the ingredients at the ready in your Home Store.

THRIVE is Versatile

  • Snack straight from the can

  • Make easy smoothies

  • Toss in the crock pot

  • Puree for quick baby food

  • Take on the go—no need to refrigerate

  • Mix in as a powder for a healthy boost